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Your Private AI Copilot to 10x Agent Productivity & Results.

Your Private AI Copilot for Medicare

Tabor consolidates all the latest Medicare plan information, providing tailored answers at your fingertips using plain language. Access Tabor through various AI interfaces:

Tabor Use Cases for Medicare:

Tabor helps insurance brokers find the best insurance plans for their clients. Tabor AI makes it easy to have conversations and get useful information with a variety of use cases:

Instantly Compare Medicare Plans

Use Tabor to quickly summarize and compare the best plans. 

  • “Can you summarize 5 of Providence’s top Medicare plans?”
  • “Summarize the Providence Medicare Extra + Rx (HMO) and compare it to Providence Medicare Choice + Rx (HMO-POS)”
  • “What is the monthly premium for the Providence Medicare Choice + Rx (HMO-POS) plan?”
Tabor Medicare Plan Comparison

Suggest Plans Based on Specific Scenarios

Use Tabor to recommend the best plan for a client with specific conditions:

  • “I have a member who lives in Washington County, Oregon with diabetes and is taking the RX Metformin. Please suggest 3 health plans for this individual that includes coverage for that particular drug.”

Get Instant Plan Answers

Ask question about specific plans:

    • “What is the monthly premium charge for AARP® Medicare Advantage from UHC OR-0002?”
    • “Can you summarize the AARP® Medicare Advantage from UHC OR-0002 (PPO) policy for me”
    • “What is the maximum Out-of-Pocket Responsibility for this plan?”

Other Ways Tabor Can Help:

Q: Plan Income Limits

“What are the income limits for the Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) program in 2024?”

Q: Plan Specific Benefits & Costs

“What are the exact benefits and costs for dental and vision care in the 2024 Devoted CORE Oregon (HMO) plan?”

Q: Plan Availability by Location

“What Medicare plans are available in Washington County, Oregon?”

Q: Specific Benefits in Plans

“What Medicare Advantage plans in Multnomah County offer fitness or wellness programs, such as SilverSneakers?”

Q: Dental Coverage

“What are the coverage options for dental and vision care in the 2024 Devoted CORE Oregon (HMO) plan?”

Q: OTC Cards
“Does Providence have an OTC card?”
Q: Pharmacy Selection

“Which mail order pharmacy can I use with Providence plans?”

Q: Plan Exception Requests

“How do I request an exception to the CareOregon Advantage Plus Formulary?”

Q: In-network Availability by Plan
“In Multnomah County, is OHSU in-network for Providence plans?”
Q: Transportation Coverage
“Which vendor provides non-medical transportation services for the Oregon D-SNP plan?”
Q: Vision Coverage

“How much vision does Providence Prime cover?”

Q: New Medicare Agent Training

Enroll new agents in onboarding & training sessions based on your onboarding curriculum.

How Tabor Works:

Tabor leverages the innovative power of AI through a private AI Copilot to help insurance brokers make better decisions. Tabor gathers information from every medicare insurance plan document. Then, we train the model to provide answers grounded in industry context, and understand the nuances of the Medicare industry. AI Copilots like Tabor are the next evolution compared to standard ChatGPT plugins. Private Copilots offer greater breadth and depth of assistance, the ability to provide context and perform research, and a more interactive and comprehensive user experience.

What is a GPT? The Next Evolution of AI

Compared to traditional ChatGPT plugins, Tabor’s AI Copilot offers several advantages that can be particularly beneficial for medicare:

Broader Range of Information: Tabor is equipped to handle a wide variety of questions, not limited to specific Medicare data. It can provide general information about Medicare, explain insurance concepts, and offer guidance on policy and industry practices.

Contextual Explanations and Analysis: Tabor can offer detailed explanations and contextual analysis, which is crucial for understanding complex Medicare topics in a broader context. This helps in making informed decisions and in explaining intricate details to clients.

Flexibility in Information Gathering: Tabor has the ability to perform internet research. This means Tabor can provide the most current information on Medicare policies, industry trends, and news, ensuring that you’re working with the latest data.

Interactive and User-Friendly: The interaction with Tabor is more conversational and adaptable to different types of queries. This can enhance user experience, especially for those who are not looking for just hard data but also for explanations, guidance, and advice.



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    Tabor: A Senior-centered AI Company

    Tabor is committed to transforming the senior care landscape through advanced AI technology, placing seniors at the forefront of our efforts. Our AI functions as a pivotal tool for enhancing productivity and efficiency, providing an extensive array of research, data, and insights tailored to Medicare and the senior care industry.

    We are instrumental in supporting a wide range of professionals in the senior care arena, including operators, investors, developers, lenders, healthcare providers, and Medicare insurance brokers. Our solutions empower these key stakeholders to make strategic, data-informed decisions, particularly in high-demand markets. Our dedication is focused on invigorating the sector by introducing a variety of insurance options, broadening housing availability, and elevating the standard of senior care.

    Our AI assists users in numerous ways, such as evaluating insurance plans based on seniors’ health needs, securing financial investments, conducting competitive analysis, developing pricing strategies, performing market research, identifying synergistic partnerships, refining underwriting processes, fostering community growth, driving sales strategies, improving operational efficiency, and benchmarking performance against industry standards. These diverse applications underscore our commitment to enhancing the senior care ecosystem.

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