Tabor FAQs

Tabor is a generative AI tool designed to streamline Medicare Insurance and Senior Care with intelligent AI insights. It helps medicare agents and brokers stay updated with the latest Medicare plans. Our senior living solution provides operators access to market intelligence senior care facility reviews and more.

Tabor leverages AI through user interfaces like private ChatGPT plugins and GPTS to gather information from medicare insurance plan documents. It then provides helpful insights to  insurance agents and brokers​ using plain language. You can view the Medicare use cases here

Tabor offers 2 AI Copilot solutions: a Medicare AI Copilot, and Market Intelligence for Senior Living. See Pricing here.

For Medicare, Tabor ingests all the data from the latest Medicare Advantage and Supplemental plan information. Then Tabor leverages a private GPT available through the OpenAI marketplace to summarize this valuable data in simple, plain language. For Market Intelligence, Tabor gathers information from different sources like Operator websites, 3rd-party aggregators, social media and online reviews. Tabor then leverages a private GPT available through the OpenAI marketplace to summarize this valuable data in simple, plain language. 

For Medicare, Tabor analyzes and compares a wide range of insurance plans, considering client needs and preferences, to help brokers find suitable options. This includes instant assessments of Medicare plans, anticipating plan coverage changes, and providing plan summaries and comparisons. Check out our Medicare uses cases here.

Tabor’s AI-powered data solutions for senior living include analyzing resident sentiment, industry trends and benchmarks, competitor information and pricing, operator reviews, asset management​, and more.

Yes, Tabor aids in strategic expansion planning by using market data intelligence to identify potential areas for expansion, taking into account demographic trends, competitor presence, and local demand for senior care services

Tabor helps improve resident satisfaction by understanding residents’ preferences and needs. It analyzes feedback and reviews trends in the market to enhance service offerings and improve resident satisfaction

In the Medicare sector, Tabor can be used to compare and customize policies, provide informed updates about plan changes, and develop sales strategies based on potential client needs and preferences. Check out our use cases here

Tabor’s solutions are beneficial for:

  • Medicare brokers
  • Medicare agents
  • Senior living operators
  • Investors
  • Developers
  • Lenders

It helps these stakeholders make informed, data-driven decisions​.

Tabor offers a comprehensive suite of research, data, news, reviews and insights, enabling users to evaluate insurance plans according to seniors’ health requirements, conduct competitive analysis, establish pricing strategies, conduct market research, and measure performance against industry benchmarks, among other applications.

Tabor’s 2 solutions are provided via private GPTs available through the OpenAI marketplace. Once purchased, we enable your account. Then, you can get started asking medicare questions right away.

Tabor estimates to have all Medicare plan coverage for all 50 states by July 2024.

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