Why Tabor?

Tabor empowers the senior care industry with advanced AI-driven solutions to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge. Our unique value proposition lies in delivering actionable insights and market intelligence specifically tailored for senior living communities, operators, and Medicare insurance brokers.

By leveraging our cutting-edge AI technology, we enable senior living communities to access real-time market data and analytics, helping them identify trends, optimize operations, and attract and retain residents. Our Market Intelligence for Senior Living Communities provides comprehensive insights into occupancy rates, pricing trends, competitor analysis, and resident preferences, enabling operators to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the market.

For Medicare insurance brokers

Our Medicare Insurance Plan Intelligence solution simplifies the complex process of plan comparison and selection. Using AI algorithms, we analyze and compare thousands of plans, identifying the most suitable options based on clients’ specific needs and preferences. This saves brokers valuable time, improves customer satisfaction, and increases conversions.

With our advanced AI capabilities, including generative AI and large language models, we ensure accurate, scalable, and reliable results. Our ChatGPT plugins enable dynamic interaction, allowing users to ask follow-up inquiries and challenge misconceptions while maintaining responsible AI standards.

Join us at Tabor AI and unlock the power of AI-driven insights to transform your senior care business. Gain a deeper understanding of the market, make more informed decisions, and drive success in the ever-evolving senior care industry.

for Senior Living Operators

Instant Answers about senior living communities

Our Senior Living ChatGPT plugin is a pioneer in the senior living industry, offering users instant access to real-time market data and interactive Q&A capabilities.

Built on data gathered from 35,000 senior living communities and 9,000 operators, our Generative AI solution offers stakeholders – from operators and REITs to investors and vendors, a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic market landscape.

for Medicare Brokers

Instant answers about Medicare Insurance Plans

Insurance brokers can leverage Tabor to simplify the process of plan comparison and selection for their clients.

Tabor analyzes and compares a vast number of Medicare insurance plans, taking into account specific client needs and preferences (PCP, Medication, preferred networks, summary of plan coverage, premiums, RX, formularies) to help brokers find the most suitable options quickly.

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